The University of Zimbabwe could be renamed Robert Mugabe University in plans tabled by the Ministry Of Higher Education.

The UZ is among a long list of academic institutions one of which will be renamed after the 93 year old president.

Government is considering renaming a university after President Mugabe or have a new one in honour of his contribution to the education sector both in Zimbabwe and the entire African continent, the state media reports saying.

Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo said that while the plan was still in its formative stage, his ministry was seriously considering it.

He was giving oral evidence before a Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Higher and Tertiary Education chaired by Chinhoyi MP Dr Peter Mataruse (MDC-T) recently.

President Mugabe, said Prof Moyo, deserved the special honour of having a university named after him, just as other African countries had done for their leaders. “Surely, for an iconic leader who has distinguished himself in the area of education and has contributed immensely to education, it would make sense to have a Robert Mugabe University,” he said.

“We should have a university named after President Mugabe, although we have a Robert Mugabe School of Intelligence. This is not enough, we should honour our founding father, President Mugabe, for his contribution to this nation.”

Prof Moyo said President Mugabe was a scholar par excellence throughout Africa and the naming of the school after him was a way of honouring the President’s achievements in the area of education.

“There is a Nelson Mandela University in South Africa; there is Moi University one of the best universities in East Africa,” he said. “There is Kenyatta University, another excellent university in Africa. We need a successful university in Zimbabwe as well, signifying our exceptional leader.”

Prof Moyo said there was also need for the country to have a university of performing arts.

“Clearly, we do not have a university dedicated to performing arts,” he said. “We have some universities that have tried to bring up means that have an interest in this area such as the Midlands State University, and the University of Zimbabwe is interested as well.

“The country needs a fully-fledged national university that is dedicated to performing arts and we are working on coming up with the university.”

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  1. Haano madhunamutuna! Mava kupa ma colonial institutions mazita enyu. Dai mangorega zita renyika riripo please nekuti pachauya mamwe ma president vakatonga ma 37 years vanenge baba kudawo kuti achinjwe to their names! Tochinja kangani? University of Zimbabwe is beautiful. Mukaiti Robert Mugabe University, vasiri veZANU won’t get enrolled sevzava kuitwa ku nursing.

  2. Why!!! Name a school after him rather. The UZ has a great image overseas right now. Changing the name will damage that given he is a dictator. Think man think . You people are stupid. Just licking Butt of the Chef only.

  3. Jonso kutsvaga fevha kuti asaende kujeri. Zvino panoti mugabe dhii kufa iwe wototiza kuena ku kenya. your days in zim are numbered. you have shown kuti you are working for one man,,,, what matters to you is to please mugabe chete.

  4. Cde Mugabe was a scholar par excellence”, Jonathan Moyo is quoted as saying . Is the mas still alive , he was —–.Mbavha yeZIMDEF iyi yakaoma musoro. Munhu akauraya baba vako akomanaaah

  5. So our certificates bearing the University of Zimbabwe Logo are nolonger valid . Employers will nullify them . Again politicising a University would not be a good idea. There are so many millions of Zimbabweans who do not support this dicttator so why name it in his name . After all the name can still be changed if the govt changes. What about those who have been brutalised by the regime . They will never be free to attend such a university with such a barbaric name . They will be scared and hounded by such a name Jonso. Think twice!

  6. ‘We need a successful university…’ Is a University’s seccess in the name? please act like a professor !


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